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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. tear you are, what saved this family from this burning home? >> reporter: well, one of the young girls that lives in the house behind me said she heard glass breaking. she said it sounded like somebody breaking glass in the home. firefighters say the heat from this fire was incredibly intense. more than 0 firefighters were called to this house -- 30 firefighters were called to this house. the family who was able to escape the fire were too distraught to talk to us.
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that he just found out their cat the died in the fire. becky allen, who lives next door, said -- >> my neighbor to lived in the house yelled fire! we just ran out as fast as we could. >> i feel very blowed. -- blessed. we've owned this house since the 1900s. i just feel like my grandfather and father are looking out for me. >> reporter: now, the red cross is on the scene helping those who need it. the home sustained major, major damage. le live from san mateo, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news -- live from san mateo, tara
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moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. there's been another homicide in san francisco's ingelside district. a man was shot an killed on the00 block. the victim was in his 20s. officers had to close down the street during their investigation. it's just a few blocks from the home where five people were murdered last point -- last month. last night outside richard's bar on alum rock avenue, this video shows shell save casings in a parking lot outside of the bauer. it's still not clear what happened or if there were injuries. 7:03. as we first told you this morning at 4:30 an active crime scene still in place right outside of a san francisco
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building. paul chambers is there. who is refusing to leave the building? >> reporter: it's occupy san francisco. you can see the signs. they took over this building yesterday. now, police are claiming it's a crime scene. i think that's because police say they are trespassing and of, of course, there's graffiti up. we can take a look at some video. yesterday occupy san francisco made the comeback. you can see them standing on top of a politicalling in a bus. until yesterday. >> the building was empty but
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now the group wants to make permanent place for them t as of right -- as of -- place for them. as of right now, there is a meeting planned for 8:0. >> there is a lot of -- 8:30. >> there is a lot of people determined to hold the building. >> reporter: right thousand we're told there is roughly 100 people inside thele building. if we can come back out here live, you can see, there is a big police members they basic closed down the to -- presence. they basically closed down the streets. once people come outside of this building. are -- they are not allowed to
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it -- go farther than that. back to you, paul chambers. police say vandals smashed windows and sprayed graffiti at a starbucks, a wells fargo, quiznos and others during saturday night's ocmy march. no arrests have been made as of -- occupy march. no arrests have been made. police say officers responded to a man with a knife had threatened a neighbor around 5:45 last night. the officer sustained the suspect when a woman and a dug came out of the house and the dog started charging the police officer. the dog broke flee and they charging the officer. that's -- free and that's when the officer charged --
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discharged his gun and shot the fog. this is video of the ship last month in china as it started the 7th leg of the round the it tash round the their record -- round the world -- 7th of the round of their round the world folk. >> the -- round the world tour. it's been 17 days now since missing teenager sierra lamar was scene. over the weekend, hundreds of
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vols worked with theids -- the kids deworked as well -- the kids of klass worked on this project as well. >> students would like you to wear yourle foe te of her -- wear her photo of her. time to fleck with sal. >> hello, dave. welcome back, tori. 101 san ralphful as we come juan to sentra 1 had -- come
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down to -- tosen drag. 7:08. let's. >> to steve. all right. sal, mostly sunny. there is a band of high clouds coming but. but overall, a little chill in the area. it looks roll a -- it looks a little cool. mostly sunny, fair, warm today. yesterday cold air was this place after saturday's system. now, we won't burnp the highs up to the left.
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upper 60s to inroad this cab -- bring the highs up to the left. upper 60s to the spread. this is just what a what'sup courtroom? 79 livermore. a few -- a few 40s. afternoon highs burn off. a few thruer 60s to a 70 -- a few mid- to upper 60s to 70. mostly sunny, chilly morning but a little bit warm he on those afternoon highs. so 50s by the coast.
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mid-60s around the day. fairfield in there and then clan valley, san francisco listen okay. en ceasing douds on. -- the valley, san francisco valley, and the days look warmer. especially as we head to the weekend. tori, welcome back. and dave? >> thank you, steve. bad news from a silicon valley giant. which company could hand out thousands of pink slips. we stand for farmers owning the company;
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for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that. well, when you own a durango, you'll have tons of power, enough to tow up to 7,400 pounds. so owning a durango means you now have the responsibility to go dirt biking, a.t.v.-ing, motorcycling, boating, jet skiing and show a ford explorer a thing or two about what it means to have best-in-class towing. the s.u.v. is back.
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kind of brisk out there. 30s and 40s.
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temperatures will warm up under mostly sunny skies. we have higher clouds going by. but 60s, upper 60s with a few low 70s. 7:13. a major part of the trayvon martin case may hinge on a 9/11 call. >> i don't know -- you think there's yelling help? >> yes. >> our reporter is live in sanford, florida. tell us about the controversy over what is on that tape. >> reporter: in the background of that 9/11 call you can hear skies, screams for help -- cries, screams for help. and the debate has been who is crying out for help. george zimmerman's family says it was him. he says he shout out for self-
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defense. trayvon martin matten say that --'s family says that was his son. and now the -- trayvon martin's family that says that was their son. this 9/11 call could be key in this dispute. right now, the case is in the lands of a special prosecutor and despite large realities and growing protest calls for the immediate arrest of zimmerman. the prosecutor says there will be no arrests in her investigation is complete. >> that's our reporter from sanford, florida. thank you, steve. 7:15. new this morning, opposition activists in syria now say at least 30 people were killed today just as kofi annan is calling for an end to all
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government and opposition violence, timely humanitarian aid and respect for peaceful demonstration -- peaceful demonstrations. the death toll included 78 civilians, 22 policemen and 12 soldiers. the three widows of osama bin laden are facing criminal charges today in pakistan. the women are accused of living illegal in that country and face up to ten years in prison. the women have been in pakistani custody since the navy seal raid at the -- navy s.e.a.l. compound in may of 2011. president obama will host a white house meeting with the
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leaders from mexico and the meeting includes topics like gang violence and drugs. alison burns says the prime minister of canada is going to the meeting frustrated -- frustrated president obama. >> reporter: they will be spending a few hours together at the house this morning. all three countries are grappling with were -- with difficult it gas prices. to reject part of the pipeline that would bring oil from canada to the house, says one official, that could make for awkward moments -- moment.
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alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. there are new reportsia moo is about to lay off thousands of workers this week. yahoo! has lost ground to facebook and full part. -- walmart. scott thompson took over at as syn meeting -- as ceo. residents you are invited to go and hear the various ideas of proposals and talk about the situation. 7:18. a shuttle bus plan in northeast lake tahoe is not going over well with some locals. the ideas to increase
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congestion on highway 28. that consider some of the visitors to park at the resort and take shuts. >> -- take shuttles to the beach. but some don't want all of those cars and deal with the extra noise and -- >> hock. >> beautiful pictures. >> he why. >> you can expect a -- yes. >> you can expect a sunny day today. will it be warm? >> of a hun treads of years of service, san francisco is slow -- of a hundred years of -- after a hundred years of service, san francisco is slowly coming back.
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and then i blacked out.
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[ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. well, time now, 7:21. san francisco muni turns 100
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this year. kind of starting to show its age according to the bay citizen muni street cars, they are moving slower. in 1920, the stock ton street car took people -- stockton car took people. retired muni planners say it's because of the extra cars out there, traffic lights also slowing muni down. passengers say it doesn't surprise them, they say these days it makes it feel like baby buggies will move faster. >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] well, speaking of muni, let's check with sal. i'm hearing about a crash. >> that's right. 19th avenue near windston. this is northbound 19th avenue at wind ston and there is slow
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traffic there. 19th avenue -- winston and there is traffic there. so give issself extra driving if you are driving there. the bay bridge is also slow, mose metering lights are on. not a huge delay but you will see terrific. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. mostly sunny out there. a little bit of how cloudiness. temperatures, a little chilly this morning. 30s and 40s. temperatures today will warm up on the height side. it looks like today might be the warmest place of the jail. sol of the ier elevations.
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38, napa. there's our system light rain looks lick it will settle in. 50s, 60s. umer 60s and low -- upper 60s. it looks nicer for the weekend. >> all right, steve. breaking news coming in interest oakland. federal agents now involved in a raid. we will -- we are a news crew at the scene. also, rescue at sea. dramatic video of victims. ♪
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that's the power of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express. coming up on 7:27. we're following breaking news from oakland. rim now, federal authorities are converging -- right now, federal authorities are converging outside of a controversial oakland school involving medical marijuana. allie rasmus is live to let us know what's happening there. >> reporter: good morning. we're in front of oakster damage university on broadway in oakland. this is a pretty well-known marijuana medical dispensary. the front entrance is blocked off by the tape and we don't
7:28 am
nope what time they arrived or exactly what they are investigating. i did speak with a criminal invest active unit -- investigative unit she said she's not able to comment. but along with u.s. agents there are officials from the dea and the irs. you can see they have the front door, if we move to the left, we can actually set the table up but wouldn't doe note what their investigation is. we're gonna stay on.
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we're gonna try to get more of an update to see if there's any more information that we can get. there are federal agents investigating an oakster damage facility. two injured sailers are expected too arrive at kye -- huge high wind -- arrive. it started the clipper around the world yacht race. on saturday, a huge wave hit the yacht 400 miles off the california coast. a coast guarder rutter. >> there's high winds, swells are large out there. that lal dab tv they will be moving on the wale boat, it
7:30 am
will be rocking packing it truckle it -- that will be the whale boat and it will be rocking back and forth. high winds are expected until 11:00 this morning. you are advised to be careful. a woman working at a marshal's recovery -- recovering from a hit and run at the marshal's on monument boulevard. the pickup was in the pal when a large white pub kick picked up with her -- parking lot when
7:31 am
a large white pickup truck hit her. a transient was arrested last night. ktvu saw the suspect there as police took him away. we don't know his name yet. he's suspected of beating to death a man early yesterday morning. police say the two of them were acquaintances. >> people would come by and donate what they could. >> it saddens me. my roommate and i would come by and give him food. we had peaches and stuff. >> last night one of the friends lit a candle for him and said a prayer. police in berkeley now searching for other suspects in a deadly shooting.
7:32 am
24-year-old devin whitmeyer --  was killed thursday night. after the shooting. >> police arrested randolph oscar austin. police have not said what role he played in that shooting. antioch police are trying to track down a possible sex offender. this man is wanted on warrants for alleged unlawful sexual enterprise he's on patrol. le -- enterprise. he's on patrol. if you can help locate him, you are asked to call the antioch police department. the trial of the gang member charged with killing three members of a family enters a face this morning.
7:33 am
the prosecution rested last week. he's accused of killing anthony bologna and his sons when any were driving home. changes may be vote i proved. >> contra costa county voters approved measure c a few years ago. now, the mt. diablo school board will talk about changing the tax. public leaders will hear public comment on the controversial plan for a new proposed shopping center. it would be located at north
7:34 am
mcdowell boulevard and one of the stores would be a fremont center. council protest -- canceled the vote because the -- the passage or failing because the faa was -- because. faa -- because of the faa. 7:34. in just a couple of hours, the california high speed rail authority will release construction and finance deals all for the bullet-train plan. this is set for 10:00 a.m.
7:35 am
in fresno. latest plan lowers the price from $98 million to $68. from there, jerry brown will ask lawmakers to approve. bonds so construction on the project can start later this year. law enforcement agencies are on the look out for what they call zombie drive -- zombie drive. this is part of distracted driving month. now, police, sheriff deputy, the chp, they are all out there looking for people on the phone, talking, texting evenp eating behind the bells. they are watching you. police say interest that can lead to eats an accidents. off the driver couldn't really with. 52,000 cry takes were issued during this -- citations were issued during this crackdown. let's check in with sal who likes to keep a close eye on
7:36 am
the commute. >> what if your friend is circumstancing you with an inane binner -- banner. traffic has improved a little bit. i think we're doing pretty well with the south bay. it's slow. but it is improving. we showed you a little bit of traffic slow -- slow traffic in san jose. northbound 85 looking slow at 17. that's about it all. this is a look at 880. however, we do have some slow traffic between hayward and fremont. not as deep as it normally is right through there. we're looking at antioch, of course, but the rest of it looks pretty good. out to the bay bridgetop,s that
7:37 am
about a ten-minute -- bay bridge toll plaza, that's about a ten-minute delay. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly clear. some higher clouds going by right now. still chilly to cold. mostly sunny at noon. early april. temperatures are on the cool side. to -- side to start off. as and giants play tonight at 7:35. partly cloudy, 53. the higher clouds associated with the system will be here tomorrow today we'll warm up. 39 livermore, speaking of. out there on saturday. everything looks good. the air is clean. 38 in napa. 42 concord. 42 redwood city. and also san rafael, there's
7:38 am
cool readings out there. there is a lot of cold air that has to swing in here. mostly sunny today. rather cold, chilly day. temperatures in the upper 60s, very low 60s. really the colder air is the story. thursday and friday will be mostly sunny but the lows in the morning will be in the 0s. it looks better by the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. 7:38. today is the fourth snow survey of the year and state water officials hope to find that march dropped a lot of wet snow in the sierra. the last survey was at the end
7:39 am
of february and it showed just 16% of the normal amount of water bank the in the sierra snow -- banked in theon sierra snow. a very wet season last year filled our reservoirs to off set things. the reason why people weren't able to use their debit and credit cards yesterday. and who pulled an april fool's prank on a presidential candidate? the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack
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it is 7:412. visa has now -- 7:41. visa has dropped global payments as an approved processing center. that's after the company said a major cyber attack could expose information of visa, master card, american express and discover cardholders. global payments, about 1 1/2 credit card numbers were stolen. it adds the numbers, names and social security numbers were not compromised. visa says that security breach had nothing to do with customers who were unable to use their cards yesterday. thousands of people recorded
7:43 am
their -- reported their cards were rejected. visa says this was due to an outage the company made to the system. no problems reported today. today, wells fargo opens the new abbott downing business which caters to the ultrawealthy. it will work with families who have $50 million or more to invest. 7:43. someone who works at a mcdonald's in maryland claims to have one of the three tickets to the $640 million. the lottery officials say no
7:44 am
one has come forward to claim it. a camera was rolling at one store when one man found out he won $250,000. later, he twit his job at a doughnut -- quit his job at a doughnut shop. well an appeals court is due to decide on a case that could cost contra costa county millions of dollars in property tax revenues from oil refineries. chevron want as refund up to $73 million in property taxes paid in 2007 through 2009. this comes after the court threw out a rule that determines how property tax vermeers are set for refinery -- values are set for
7:45 am
refineries. 1,000 cruise ship passengers are crediting workers for keeping their spirits up. >> the ship docked safe any militia after a fire broke out in an -- safely in malaysia after a fire broke out. >> the crew was totally, utterly amazing. taking care of us, making sure we were were safe, pulling double duty to make sure we got everything we needed. the rest of the cruise has been canceled. the company plans to totally refund the passengers and
7:46 am
provide each passenger a ticket for a future cruise. a family is in mourning this morning after the deaths of two relatives of loss of their home and belongings all to a house fire in pacifica. the home on inverness drive burned for hours. members say 13 members of the same family, including six children, all lived in this house. when firefighters got there, they found two bodies. relatives told the red cross, the victims were a 93-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy.
7:47 am
the red cross is providing temporary housing, grief counseling, clothing and food to the family members who survived. investigators in new mexico are trying to figure out what caused the death of a famous marathon runner. search teams found the -- found the body of mika true in the forest yesterday. there were no injuries of injuries to his body. he was missing for five days and failed to come back after a run. in our election coverage, a top donor to president obama's campaign is accused of fraud. the donor from new york contributed more than $50,000 to president obama 'campaign. however "the associated press" reports that same donor is accused of stealing more than $500 billion from a swiss
7:48 am
businessman to help build a new home. the president's campaign will not comment on the allegations, only saying it addresses issues with contributeshuntions -- contributions. this president can't run on his record. so he's gonna try every way he can to divert to some other kind of attack. >> newt gingrich has scaled back his campaign infrastructure and attacks on mitt romney ahead of the primaries. and gingrich says he's committed to beating president obama even if he's not the nominee. >> if romney gets the delegates if he gets to 1,144. >> will you then endorse him?
7:49 am
have absolutely. i will do everything -- >> absolutely. i will everything i can to help him. the next president of the united states. [ laughter ] >> that's romney walking into an empty room yesterday in johnson creek, wisconsin. the staffers made him think no one showed up. however, the massachusetts governor quickly caught on to the april fool's gag. college basketball will have a new men's champion tonight. the jayhawks looking for their second title in now years. they beat ohio -- four years. they beat ohio state. the kentucky wildcats are going for an eight national title. they beat louisville saturday night. >> nobody has ever gone 40-0 in the history of college basketball, men and women.
7:50 am
for 2! >> she's 6'8". baylor was just too much for stanford. stanford lost last night. baylor will play notre dame. and if they win, they will become the first team in history to win 40 games in a season. 7:49. baseball -- we just talked about basketball -- but baseball back in the bay area. when you can watch the as and giants before opening day. and he's the actor who replaced one of tv's most infamous man. 3q
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for the first time in 32 years, one movie swept every category of the worst movie award called the razzys. "jack and jill" won ten awards for the worst films. sandler would be the -- won the worst and best actor since played both roles. "variety" reports ashton kutcher has agreed to play steve jobs in an independent
7:54 am
movie. no release date is announced yet. this may be a tough economic time for the airlines. the airlines are doing better than all of the categories. they are getting passengers to their destination with their luggage 80% of the time. hawaiian airlines, alaska airlines and airtran ranked best for on-time arrivals. virgin america's that plane right there, it goes into service today at sfo. virgin america is the official airline of the giants. now, they are holding a contest invying you to tweet a photo --
7:55 am
inviting you to we'll a photo if you -- tweet a photo if you receive that -- if you see that plane. the bay bridge series kicked off at 7:35. the as face the giants at at&t park. they will also play in oakland tomorrow and in san francisco again on wednesday. the as have already opened their regular season. a lot of people very excited for regular season baseball to get underway. let's check in with sal who i know is excited for the giants. >> that's right. traffic is moving along relatively well. tonight at at&t park, typical 7:05 start. and we'll start to see bible
7:56 am
traffic again for the next few months. so put that -- baseball traffic again for the next few months. so put that in the back of your mind. northbound 101 in san francisco, that traffic looks good. also, the morning commute is gonna be backed up at the toll plaza for about 20, 25 minutes. actually a little less than that. 15 minutes. if you are driving this morning in san jose, there is a little bit of congestion as you try to make your way up to 880. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. chilly here this morning. 30s and 40s. but afternoon highs will warm up under mostly sunny skies. now, we still have a few high clouds around. so mainly in the morning and then we'll get a little bit of a break and then the clouds will increase. you can see a little band going over there. that system coming in tomorrow won't have much in the way of rain. it will bring in colder
7:57 am
temperatures by wednesday and thursday. upper 60s, a few low 70s. that system will bring in a pretty dramatic system. there is a lot of cold air with it. so for tuesday, mostly cloudy skies as that system inches closer. light rain to the north. the bigger story will be the colder air that comes in. mostly sunny today after a chilly, chilly morning. it will be a little warmer with upper 60s for low 70s for many. by the coast, upper 50s, low to mid-60s. rather uniform here. everyone pretty close. clouds increase tuesday and then here comes some very light rain. the cold air settles in. it will be mostly sunny thursday and friday. lows will be in the 30s. afternoon highs will warm up as we head to the weekend. tori and dave? it's a story we broke for
7:58 am
you just 30 minutes ago. federal agents, they've converged on oakster dam in oakland. we'll bring you a live report from that scene. we're live in san jose where a family escaped their burning home. we'll tell you how they were able to make it out safely. >> reporter: in about 30 minutes from now, occupy san francisco will continue. i will have that story -- when we come back. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brothe] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents?
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark and welcome back to you. >> thank you, dave. it's monday it's april 2nd. this is a story that we broke 30 minutes ago. federal agents are as oakster damage university in downtown oakland. now, they call themselves the first cannabis oak. what's going on -- first cannabis college. what's going on out there? >> reporter: this is known as a pretty popular political marijuana dispensary and it's -- medical marijuana dispensary
8:01 am
and it's pretty clear there's something going on. there's u.s. marshals standing guard and the crime tape goes all the way to the corn of the building, back -- corner of the building, back in the parking lot. there's agents inside the parking lot. and irs told us a short time ago that this investigation is under seal. she could not tell us what they are investigating or why their agents are here at this medical marijuana dispensary. she says the investigation is criminal in nature. this is about all she could tell us about what's going on. >> we are doing enforcement here today. what we are doing is under seal. at this at this point, i'm not going to comment -- at this point, i'm not going to comment. >> reporter: now, the agent would not say how many agents are here, how long they would be here. but to reiterate, marshals from the dea are here and the irs is here at oakster university.
8:02 am
now, we asked -- if what's taking place is specific only to oakster dam or if there are other activities at other areas in the bay area. she's very noncommittal. she did say we might see other similar activity like this if we drove around and went to another dispensary the so it was unclear if this is specific only to this medical marijuana dispensary. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:01. an oakland lab is working to protect the users of medical marijuana. they are running tests on the pot for state growers and dispensaries. coming up, why they have to keep all of this word under raps and what they are testing for. the red cross is helping a family burned out of its home
8:03 am
on barnson avenue. tara moriarty, who is the only reporter allowed inside the house, joins us with an update on the family. tara? >> reporter: well, the family was able to get back inside and retrieve some computers, luckily, all people -- all people got out safely. sadly, there cats did not. so as you can imagine, an emotional and scary morning for the family. now, how the family found out about the fire, one of the young girls said she woke up to the sound of glass shattering. the fire chief says the heat from this fire was incredibly intense. more than 30 firefighters were called to the house here around 4:00 this morning. investigators say the flames broke out in a detached garage and quickly spread to the home. beckley allen, who lives next door, says her garage caught on fire and she ran out of the house in her pajamas.
8:04 am
>> i saw the bright glow in my backyard. i called 911. about 15 minutes later -- i feel so blessed. this is a house my dad grew up in. we've owned this house since 1921. i feel so blessed. i feel like my grandfather and father are watching over here. >> now, the home did sustain heavy damage. the family will have to stay somewhere else. we just spoke to the fire marshal. he's focusing on a washer and dryer as a possible cause for the fire. firefighters want to remind people out there, make sure you have working smects in your -- smoke detectors in your house. in overnight news, another
8:05 am
homicide in the ingelside district. the man was shot and killed after 11:30 last night in the 300 block of lewis burg. police inspector tells us, the victim was in his 20s. police actually had to lows down the street during the investigation. this happened just a couple of blocks from the house where five people were murdered last month. later this morning, san jose police will tell us more about a shooting last night, possibly involving a police officer. it happened outside richard's bar on alum rock avenue. now, this video we're showing you now. this was taken early this morning. you can see several shell casings right there outside of the bar. it's still not clear what happened and if there were any injuries. early reports indicate the police were called out to that area for a burglar alarm. right now, occupy san francisco protesters refuse to
8:06 am
leave a vacant building owned by the city's catholic archdiocese. paul chambers is outside of the building where, in less than 30 minutes, the protesters will come out and start talking. what do you know about that? >> reporter: good morning. i just talked to san francisco police department who says the archdiocese want the people out of the building. they want them out of this building that they took over last night. when i talked to someone with occupy last night, they said they don't plan on lien -- on leaving. >> people plan to hold onto the building with or without permission. >> reporter: occupy made their first big comeback since last year. the group took over this building owned by the archdiocese on church street in san francisco. yesterday, occupy took over the
8:07 am
building after the group held a peaceful march. now they want to use this as a center for the homeless. >> there is a lot of need for people to use vacant buildings. >> reporter: if we can come back out here live, i -- san francisco police will let people come out here peacefully but they are not -- but they will not allow anyone else to come back in. they are also considering this a crime scene because it is trespassing right now and they are also making graffiti and parks inside the building. i just spoke with sfpd. they want occupy out of the building. they aren't gonna force anything. they will facilitate them. if that becomes a problem, we're told the archdiocese
8:08 am
wants occupy out of their building. oakland police will examine surveillance video today of occupy protesters who vandalize several downtown businesses. police say the vandals broke windows and spray painted graffiti at a starbucks, wells fargo, quizno during saturday's occupy march. but no arrests have been made. in alameda a police officer shot and killed a pit bull while responding to a call. officers responded to a call that a man had threatened his neighbor with a knife about 5:45 yesterday evening. the officer detained the suspect when a woman and dog came charging at the officer. the woman grabbed the dog. he broke free and began to charge again. that's when the officer shot the dog. how is highway 24, sal?
8:09 am
>> highway 24 is busy. but it's not stop and go, tori and dave. as we look at contra costa county, it's not been a bad drive. if you look up to the right of your screen, there is a sign flashing there. there could be trouble up ahead. that sign started to flash and i'm looking here at the list -- the list that the chp is giving us. i don't see anything. but sometimes things happen and then the chp hears about it later on. i keep looking to see if something is going on there. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that's normal. there are no major problems here as you drive into san francisco. there is a backup of about 20 minutes at the toll plaza. it has been a decent weekend all in all. highway 4 of course, slow traffic here, it's getting a little better. i wanted to move the map the down to the south bay where -- to move the maps down to the south bay where this has been a nice commute getting into the valley. this has been a nice week. perhaps some people are gonna
8:10 am
start to have spring break and -- whatever they call it. and we'll see lighter conditions. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. temperatures really warmed -- cooled off. we struggled to warm up yesterday. we'll see a bounce there and a little bit into tomorrow. it looks like more cold air works its way in. baseball is back. if you are heading out tonight, kind of a chill here. 55, partly cloudy skies. temperatures will stay cool here for much of this week. today the afternoon highs look like they will the warmest day of the week. we'll have mostly sunny weather. from a system that's not gonna do much in the rain department but it will in the colder department. 40s. we had 30s this week.
8:11 am
there will be more. this system, again, there's not a lot to it. but there is a lot of cold air back there that's going to start to filter in. it will take about 48 hours to get here. you can see to the north bay by wednesday morning, not much. napa, san rafael, santa rosa but only a couple of .100. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. upper 60s. a few low 60s. napa, santa rosa, fairfield, close for novato. 68 degrees. a lot of 68s. not as warm by the coast. even though it will be okay. there is little more of a westerly breeze. light rain tuesday morning, here comes the colder area. we'll get the rain and clouds out of here.
8:12 am
things look low on the lows and the highs as we head for the weekend. it is a nightmare scenario. a child falls down a well and is in danger of suffocating. you will want to see this rescue. and the outrage over the death of trayvon martin keeps growing. what investigators are being pressured to do. and a famous bay area bicyclist runs into big trouble on the road.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a lot of high clouds out there. we'll with we'll have increasing clouds -- we'll have increasing clouds into tuesday and some cooler temperatures and very light rain to the north. firefighters in china rescuing a 2-year-old boy who fell down into an abandoned well. >> this is just amazing. look at this. there was a happy ending to a very scary situation in that city. the well was only 1 foot wide and 40 feet deep, tori. the air was so thin at the bottom of the wells they had to pump in oxygen. they figured out how to rescue the boy by dropping an iphone down there to see exactly where he was. our picture has changed. after trial and error -- and it was very difficult -- they finally pulled the little boy
8:16 am
out. 8:15. happening now the leaders of canada and mexico are meeting with president obama at the white house. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain what is at stake in today's meeting. alison? >> reporter: tori, there's no major agreement that is going to be signed and probably not even a big headline today. the three leaders have not met as a group since 2009. the official agenda has been talking about boosting economic cooperation and improving trade. but looming is the escalating drug violence in mexico. more than 50,000 people have been killed in the war on drug cartels in the past six years and there is a new sense of urgency about how to deal with it. the three currents afreed how to -- agreed to discuss this. there's also lingering tension
8:17 am
between president obama and canadian's prime minister. harper is very disappointed that president obama has delayed a friday of of the keystone -- delayed the keystone pipeline it's very important for patients to understand how strong their medication is. just like when a doctor prescribes you a vicodin, you know how many milligrams or how strong that medicine is.
8:18 am
>> experts say the law needs to change so the patients will know what and how much they are taking. >> san francisco's cyclist levi will come back here for medical exams after being hit by a car in france. he was on a training ride in the french bask country when a car hit him from behind injuring his leg. he says the situation was scary and he's lucky to be alive. he's pulled out of his next cycling event in spain. well, a 17-year-old has been arrested in sacramento county for killing a man at an illegal cockfighting operation. the sheriff's department told" the bee "the victim is identified as ronnie smith and he died after being assault as a home where the -- assaulted at a home where the cook fit
8:19 am
was taking place. he's been booked into juvenile hall on murder and attempted murder charges. 8:18. there's big news from the fire lines in colorado this morning. authorities are allowing hundreds of evacuated families to return home today. firefighters from several western states have been batting a waging wildfire in jefferson county for a week. full containment is expected later today. three people died in the wildfire which destroyed more than a dozen homes. it's burned about six square miles southwest of denver. we have new details on a deadly motor home crash near kansas city. five people are killed and 13 others were injured. a minnesota family was on vacation with some friends yesterday when their truck and trailer hit a guardrail and a concrete bridge before falling into a ravine. the parents had planned to spend their children at a
8:20 am
spring break. the pressure is mounting on police in florida to arrest the man who shot and killed trayvon martin. now, after reviewing video of george zimmerman, the suspect, two voice identification experts are questioning zimmerman's account of the shooting. the audio anlives are telling the newspaper in florida, the screaming voice heard on a 911 call is not zitterman -- not zimmerman. the experts say martin's screams were heard in the background. 68 years old! [ cheers ] >> in indianapolis, 13 people were arrested in a rally for trayvon martin. among those arrested, a 68-year- old man and a 76-year-old woman. their church group blocked the street demanding justice in the case. church members say they
8:21 am
couldn't believe that -- believe that people were arrested. >> have you ever been arrested before? >> no. >> speakers there included jesse jackson and chaka khan. an incredible story of survival. exclusive video following an avalanche in the sierra. and sunny skies. at least they will be here later on. steve will tell you the blue skies won't last forever, though. good morning. right now, westbound 24 traffic is busy in la fayette. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
a bay area woman is talking to the national news media today on a story she first told exclusively to ktvu. kristin jacobson went skiing with her husband in tahoe last month when she apparently fell through a thin layer of snow. she was buried upside down for almost 30 minutes. a you can see the -- if you look closely, you can see the bottom of her skis. her husband eric, wearing a green sweatshirt, sunk to his chest trying to dig her out. >> all i remember is falling,
8:25 am
but not falling like -- like i caught an edge or i was out of control. it was just sinking, i guess. >> you just can't shut the replay off in your head. >> it's hard to sleep kind of right back there. >> now, she passed out during the rescue. amazingly, she survived with a bruised lung. the jacobsons have had tearful reunions with the men who saved her life. >> wow, what a story. sal, you are watching our commute. you are watching the bridge as well? >> yes. we're watching a lot of the commutes and they seem to be a little better than they normally would and then i started thanking, you -- thinking, yeah, a lot of people do have this week off. whether it's spring break or whatever it may be. traffic, westbound 92 looks pretty good. but things may be lighter than usual. it's going to be lighter.
8:26 am
let's take a look at westbound 24. that has improved. it was a little bit slow in la fayette. still sticky as you come around the corner into orinda. and 508 traffic looks good. it's a nice drive to the castro valley area of 880 southbound between 92 and 84, stop-and- with traffic. 8:25. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. some higher clouds. no big deal. still cold. 40s and 30s. hazy, patchy fog. it will be cloudy. fair, mild to war. temperatures 60s to upper 60s near 70. that band is about through and then 40s on the temperatures. coast, bay, inland, it doesn't matter, everyone is really close. not much of a rain with this system that's coming in. there is a lot of cold air
8:27 am
spinning out that will play into our forecast thursday and friday. filtered sunshine. 50s, 60s over by the beaches around the city and then mid- 60s around the bay. upper 60s or very low 70s and then here comes the colder air and very light rain. it won't be much of a rain system but that cold air is in place for thursday and friday morning and then things will improve as we head towards the weekend. a rescue at sea. hundreds of miles off the california coast. dramatic new video of those injured sailors headed for the bay area. coming up what we've learned about the criminal investigation happening here. bad news from a silicon valley giant. the big announcement expected this week.
8:28 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home.
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welcome back. we're still following a developing story. the irs, u.s. marshals and the dea have all surrounded oakster dam university in downtown oakland. now, allie rasmus is there. she's back now and says this is all part of a criminal investigation. allie? >> reporter: that's right, dave. that's the extent of what federal agents are able to tell us about what exactly they are
8:31 am
doing here. now, the crime -- the crime scene tape goes all the way around the corner of the building. we checked that out a short time ago. there are also federal agents -- aiants inside the building right now. we don't know what time they got here, how many agents are here but we know they are with the d.e.a., the irs and the u.s. marshals. the u.s. attorney's office, we're told, is also involved in this investigation. now, this investigation is under seals according to one of the irs spokespersons out here. she said she couldn't tell us why they were doing a criminal investigation here. what they are looking in to, why they are gathering evidence. this is all she could tell us. >> we are doing enforcement here today. what we are doing is under seal. so at this pope, i'm not able to comment. you can see from the individuals who are out -- outside here, it's d.e.a. and the u.s. marshals that are
8:32 am
here. you are looking the a handful of medical marijuana supporters who have shown up after learning about this investigation happening here at oakster dam university. we hear them asking -- the u.s. marshals, what they are doing here, what this is about. we don't know exactly what this investigation is about. all we know, there is some sort of criminal investigation happening here. the d.e.a., the u.s. marshals, u.s. attorney and the irs are all in the oakster dam university in you town oakland investigating. we'll continue to stay on the story and have more on ktvu. sheriff deputies are expected to release an update on the search for missing teenager, sierra lamar. over the weekend, hundreds of volunteers worked with the klasskids foundation. the next search is planned for
8:33 am
this coming saturday. it's now been 17 days since she was last seen walking to her school bus stop. you are being encouraged to change your social media photos. the klasskids foundation want you to post sierra's photo for the day. the foundation says it will encourage involvement and support the lamar family. there are reports that yahoo! will lay off thousands of workers. yahoo! has lost to its pet terse. scott thompson -- competitors. scott thompson took over as ceo last january. last night, arrests happened just a few feet away from where an attack occurred inside of a strip mall on monument boulevard. we videotaped the suspect as police took him away. his identity has not been
8:34 am
released. he's suspected of beating to death the victim early yesterday. the body of the victim was found behind a vacant video store. it's a spot where transients regularly camp. >> this is their own home. this is it. a couple of weeks ago, i was out in it myself and it was freezing. friends of the victim think an argument may have led to the killing. last night one kid lit a candle for hill and said a prayer. 24-year-old devin whitmire was shot and killed near a convenience store at oregon and sacramento street thursday night. shortly after the shooting, police arrested another suspect. investigators have not said what role he played in the shall -- shooting. a new phase in the trial of the gang member accused of
8:35 am
killing three members of a san francisco family. this is the murder trial of 29- year-old edwin ramos. last week, the prosecution rested its case. he's accused of killing anthony bologna and his sons while they were driving home from a family picnic. investigators say he mistook the victims for rival gang members. a woman working at marshall's store in pleasant hill is recovering from a hit- and-run right outside the store of the victim was in the parking lot when a light dodge pickup truck ran into it. the san bruno archive opened its doors to people looking for long-hidden information.
8:36 am
these are live pictures from the archive. people can come here for details from the 1940 census which was released this morning for the first time in 72 years. experts say the census tracks what happens after the great depression which was a time when a lot of people moved around. >> you can tell what employment people had, you can tell family relationships, you can tell who lived near you if they were supporting other relatives that came in. >> census workers say the information is also available online but if you have specific questions or have trouble finding the information you can come down to the a live. changes may be coming to the voter approved measure, the one that's helping to pay for east bay school improvement projects. contra costa county voters approved measure-c two years ago that gave the mt. diablo school district permission to sell bonds to pay for improvements. now, the contra costa times
8:37 am
reports they will discuss changing those bonds at a meeting tonight. and the board is considering speeding you the sale of future bonds. transportation officials want to reroute summer tourists from highway 28, have them park their cars at diamond peak ski resort and then take shuttles to the beach. some who live in the neighborhood say the cars going through their neighborhood would make it busier and noisier than now. people in san francisco can weigh in on muni's plan for its upcoming budget. muni is facing a $19.6 million deficit for the next fiscal year which begins in july. they are considering changing -- charging for parking meters.
8:38 am
residents are invited to come and hear the various proposals and discuss the situation. parts of muni are starting to show their age. according to the bay suit zen, street cars are moving slower -- to the bay citizens, street cars are moving slower now. sal, you really haven't had much to complain about this morning with the morning commute. >> yeah, this is the time of year when we get closer to the easter holiday. we have some schools that take time off. there's spring break. today has been a better-than-
8:39 am
usual monday. not a major delay once you get out to the bridge. let's move along and take a look at 237. we do have stop-and-go traffic. as i look at the traffic list, the accident list, not a lot going on when it comes to collisions. taking a lash at -- look at 880 southbound between 92 and 84, we have stop a-and-go traffic there. we -- stop-and-go traffic there. we do have a crash clearing at stone valley road. that's near the shoulder. let's go to steve. high clouds, hazy filtered sun. 0s and 40s -- 30s and 40s.
8:40 am
we had some 30s this morning. i know outside of santa rosa, also napa and livermore, some upper 30s there and higher clouds kind of probably put an end to that. the cold air is still on the way. he know it's early april but it will feel like maybe early march as we desert to head to wednesday and thursday. this system doesn't have a lot to it. it's kind of a then, little rope. today, though, mostly sunny, partly cloudy. after that chilly morning. it will be a little bit of a north wind. a little bit warmer on the high side. but this will be the warmest day of the week, no doubt about it. mostly cloudy tomorrow, here comes that colder air. we'll clear out the clouds but the cold air will settle in for
8:41 am
risk readings. thursday, friday and then things look to improve as we head into the weekend. 8:40. well, the fourth survey of the year takes place today. state officials are hoping to find that the month of march saw a lot of wet snow up here in the -- up hear in the sierra. if that trend continued it would be the third driest see on on record. >> it's been pretty wet the last few weeks. it's 19 minutes before 9:00. april fool's day on the campaign trail would. pulled a joke on mitt romney? it was the largest jackpot in history. there are new developments in this record-breaking prize. ?ú??b??? ???c??@?????c:ow
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
some mixed economic data. a private survey of
8:45 am
manufacturing suggested factory activity is growing more quickly as employment and output increased. however, there's concern about economic growth in europe and china. taking a live look at the dow, the is up 36, s&p is up 7. 8:44. a mcdonald's worker in maryland claims to have one of the three winning tickets to the record megamillions jackpot but lottery officials are disputing that saying no one has come forward. meanwhilable the jackpot is bigger than -- meanwhile, the jackpot is bigger than thought. it's $660 million above the $640 million estimate. a news news camera captured a los angeles man claiming his $250,000 prize. he had one of the 29 tickets sold in california that matched five numbers. an hour after his winning -- winning his pride. he get his job at a -- winning
8:46 am
his prize. he quit his job an hour after learning about the prize. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. a mother an her four children safely escaped a fire at this home in san mateo. this it happened early this morning. flames shooting out of a detached garage and then spreading to the main house and then the sign of a neighboring home. investigators still don't know what the cause of the fire was. we can tell you that two of the family's cats died in the frame -- in the flames.
8:47 am
about 45 minutes ago, the archdiocese is demanding that occupy protesters leave a building that the archdiocese owns. but occupy protesters have been refusing. paul chambers has been on this story since 4:30 this morning. he's back now. paul, what is the latest. what will the police do? >> dave, i tell you, the police tell them they will go out -- hoe will let them go out peacefully. they hoping for a peaceful resolution. they are hoping they go out without any problems whatsoever. police are so considering this building a crime scene. the reason? because they have -- are trespassing and there's graffiti in the building and there's some type of activity going on on the roof of the building. yesterday, occupy san francisco made it's come back by taking back the building. there were members standing on top of buildings and buses.
8:48 am
until yesterday, the building was empty but now the group says they wanted to make this a permanent space for them and use it as a shelter and center for the homeless. the archdiocese would like the people to come out and became they said they want them out now. >> there are many discussions overnight. so again, we're gonna try to facility as peacefully as possible. >> reporter: no, once bep, there is a big police presence. the archdiocese says they do not want the people inside the building any longer. members of occupy say they wanted to hold assentive -- tentative meeting with the archdiocese. once you leave this building. members are coming out. they are not allowed to go back in. there's paint hanging from the top of the building.
8:49 am
we'll stay on this and bring you the latest coming up at noon. of course, anything -- if anything breaks between that time, you can find it at paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. new this morning, opposition activists in syria now say 47 people were killed today. all of this as former united nations leader kofi anan set an april 10th deadline for complying with a peace plan in syria. his plan comes to an end with government and opposition violence, timely humanitarian aid and also respect for a peaceful demonstration. 112 people were killed by violence in iraq last month. that's actually the lowest monthly death toll for iraqis since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003. the death toll included 78
8:50 am
civilians, 22 police and 12 soldiers. the bloody incidents occurred in eight cities in one day. claiming 47 lives. into well, the three widows of osama bin laden are facing criminal charges in pakistan. the women are accused of living illegally in pakistan. they face up to ten years in prison. they've been in pakistan custody since the navy seal wed -- went in to his compown and killed him. -- compound and killed him. a donor from new york contributed hoe than $50,000 to president obama's campaign. but the "associated press" reports that that same denar -- donor is now accused of switching -- of stealing the money and the president won't comment on the agations.
8:51 am
only saying it addresses issues with -- issues quickly. mitt romney stayed focus on president obama over the weekend in wisconsin. >> he cannot run on his record. so he's gonna try to in every way he can divert to a -- he can divert. 8:51. well, while he was campaigning in wisconsin, mitt romney became the target of an april fool's day prank played by his own staff. the next president of the united states! ! >> see, there's mitt romney walking into an empty room yesterday. this is in johnson creek.
8:52 am
his staff played a joke and had mitt romney think no one showed up for the campaign. it was an april's fool joke and they got him. federal agents move in on the bay area university. also, as we look outside live at a pretty picture. he will look at all of our traffic. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm!
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we're still following a developing story ktvu first broke less than 09 minutes ago. right now -- 90 minutes ago. right now, several federal agencies are at the oakster university. ail little rasmus is back with -- ablely rasmus is back -- allie rasmus is back with more information. >> reporter: well, there is a guy right here, there's other protesters across the police tape over here. they are defending oakster dam university. it's a medical marijuana training and education center in downtown oakland. as far as we know, they don't dispense medical marijuana here. but we don't know if they store or have marijuana on their proemmy tis. but we also don't know why this investigation is going on. we got here at 7:15 and since we've been here u.s. marshals have been standing guard. we can step out of the way, you are standing -- we're standing
8:56 am
in front of the university. we don't know what time they got here. all we know is the dea, the irs and the u.s. attorney's office is involved in what they are calling a criminal investigation. irs special agent that we talked to this morning, she said this case was sealed and she could not give us further details on why they are here and what they are investigating. there are about 100 people. we don't know if any of them have been arrested. but their union representative is out here. he's also trying to answer the question if there are any arrests. he's shocked. >> this is a good, legal, compliant place that's a partner with the city of oakland. i've spoken with city officials who are quite concerned and hopefully o.p.d. will be down here to help. >> help you? >> help our members. >> reporter: and he wouldn't say what city officials he
8:57 am
talked to. he's just relaying the conversation that he had. now, again, out here, you can hear some of the chanting out here. there's probably about 10 or so medical marijuana advocates protesting this action. we're working to get more information and we'll update you. stay with ktvu and for all of the latest coverage. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we want to check in with sal one more time. it's been a little light out there. we're looking at the freeways. there is a new car fire in san mateo county. southbound 880, all of a sudden we have slow traffic approaching hegenberger. it could be a problem there. 880 northbound looks good. westbound bay bridge backed up for about a 10-minute wait and then san francisco, traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly sunny, higher clouds.
8:58 am
highs today, warmer. upper 60s to 70s. some very light rain will make it north bay. tuesday night, wednesday. it will be dry as we go into thursday. but the lows will be really chilly for april. well, that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we will see you the next time the news breaks. and join us for more on the raid on oakster dam. we just saw a live report from allie. we're always here for you on thank you for joining us.
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